Reincarnation: A Demon's Day Out

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How To Play: Reincarnation: A Demon's Day Out

Using Mouse

About Reincarnation: A Demon's Day Out

Re-incarnation is an interesting concept. Imagine that you have been alive multiple times, and maybe not so pleasant experiences each time around. You might have even died in one of those lives. And when you are a Demonx27s, an unpleasant life tends to happen more often than not. But when you get re-incarnated, things change dramatically. You remember why you were born on this Earth, and why it is important to live your life to the fullest. You now know that there is no point in wasting your time on negative experiences again and again. That is the moment when you start living your life with everything that it has to offer - good as well as

Reincarnation: A Demonx27s Day Out is a point and click adventure game developed by Vast Studios. The Game is an interactive story depicting the life of a young boy named Imaak. He was born on a small farm in Africa. Since his childhood, he was interested in discovering the mysteries surrounding him. One day, while playing with his pet rabbit, he discovered a strange book that will lead him to another world called Demonx27s World. Here, you can meet many interesting characters that will help you solve puzzles and complete different

"The great demon king, Minax, has been vanquished and his kingdom destroyed. Now that he is gone, many of the lesser demons have taken it upon themselves to rule in his stead. But with a new king ruling means a new challenge must be met, right? That is correct. And just as the new King had built a palace for himself, so must they build houses for their Reinkarnation A Demonx27s Day