13 Days in Hell

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How To Play: 13 Days in Hell

Using Mouse

About 13 Days in Hell

You are in a simulation game, you are on your way to hell. You have been selected to take part in a shooting game where you’ll need to use guns and other deadly weapons to survive for as long as possible. There are different levels with different goals: survival, money, and most importantly – HELL. How much hell can you take? To get into this video game,you have to go through a series of simulations that progressively get more difficult and eventually lead to Hell itself… A dark place of eternal damnation. Sounds crazy right? But it’s all a part of the virtual reality experience that’s being offered by Virtuos Interactive Studios for its ‘Days In Hell’ VR shooter game. In this VR experience, users have the chance to play through 5 intense games from their journey out of everyday life fighting against impossible odds just until they reach their destination, where they’ll face off against other players from around the world who have also managed to survive in one form or another for as long as possible. That is, if they don’t go down in flames along the way too… But don't just take my word for it: Let's see what everyone else has had to say about playing Days In Hell – The VR Shooter

Youre in a cage with 25 other players. Your mission is simple,survive for 7 days. The room is dark,no lights are on,and the temperature stays at 15 degrees. You can hear people screaming in pain around you. Sometimes its your friends,sometimes its your enemies. Only one rule applies: Don’t Cheat! Anything goes in this game of 7 Days In Hell! No rules but yours! Fight as many people as you can to get a higher place on the scoreboard. Use guns,stab them with slashes of knives,thrust them with poles,you name it! Just don’t kill them

A young man finds himself on a bleak island populated with bloodthirsty cannibals, where every moment is a threat of violence. How will he survive the remaining days of his life, and how will he ever be able to look into the eyes of the woman he loves again? A short film based on a book I wrote called “Days In