Alice is Dead 2

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How To Play: Alice is Dead 2

Using Mouse

About Alice is Dead 2

It is a hard time, after Alice fell down the rabbit hole and ended up in Wonderland. The Mad Hatter is now out to get revenge. As the days go by, he has been planning something very dangerous. He wants to put an end to Alice once and for all. However, there might be more than meets the eye on this mission. Will you manage to stop him? In this sequel of "Alice is Dead" game you will play as a new character named as Alice - who escaped from Wonderland prison after she was killed by the Queen of Hearts. You have returned here in order to track down and find the killer before time runs out! Explore over 50 epic levels in search for clues on who could be responsible for the death of your beloved friend Alice. Solve challenging puzzles and riddles, explore hidden passageways, overcome dangerous traps and much more through this addicting point and click adventure game - where every logic-based puzzle is essential to advance! How far would you go if you had a chance to bring back one close

The sequel to the Adventure game "Alice Is Dead - Chapter 1" Alice is now trapped in Wonderland and she needs your help again! After she was captured by the Queen of Hearts, Alice fell into a mysterious hole. Now, she’s trapped in Wonderland and needs your help again! It seems like many years have passed since we last saw our little heroine. Her dress has faded, her hair has grown longer, and her eyes are no longer as blue as they once were. The world around her hasn’t stayed still either; it has changed drastically since the first game. In this point-and-click adventure game, you must find clues and use items that will lead you to the Queen of Hearts so you can save Alice once again. Keep an eye out for talking flowers and other interesting characters that might be able to help you on your way to freedom. But be careful who or what you

The second part of the puzzle game with a humorous story. You play as an investigator and you have to find the murderer in this house. Explore all rooms, look for clues and solve puzzles in order to find out who committed the crime. This girl is really dead. All evidences say so! And it’s your task to prove it again! In order to achieve that, you have to survive this hellish place and discover all hidden secrets in it! Explore more than 20 unique locations, find hidden items and solve logic puzzles in order to determine who killed this lovely Are you ready for that? Start your work