Random Golf

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How To Play: Random Golf

Using Mouse

About Random Golf

If you are a golf lover, then this is a game for you. The objective of this game is to get the ball into the hole in a limited number of shots. Each hole has a certain par and the goal of each level is to finish with as few strokes as possible. Objective: Get the ball into the hole in a limited number of shots. This simple golf game has different levels which will keep you hooked for hours! This game offers 3 types of clubs which can be bought at the beginning of each level: Driver, Hyclub and woods club. Don’t forget to unlock them all by completing objectives throughout each level. Be careful however because if you don’t complete an objective before moving on to another one, you will have to pay before unlocking it again! Golf games are fun and addictive so we definitely recommend trying out this free mobile

In this 3D Golf game you will have to hit the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible. With realistic physics and real golf courses you can test your ability and skill on different holes, but also against friends and colleagues if you want. You can always replay any level again or even unlock new ones if you get a high score! In this 3-D virtual green is full of obstacles that will make things harder for you. They are not just little tree stumps that block your path but real hazards that you have to avoid hitting or at least aim around! Because of the realistic physics, sometimes it is easier to putt from the fairway than from the rough and vice

Good golf is all about Fine Touch, finesse, and feel. It’s all about intuitive play. A golfer must be able to read the course, identify hazards and read the green in order to accurately position the ball onto the putting surface. And in a perfect world, that’s exactly how it should work. If only we had some friendly fairies to help us out when things aren’t going so well on the