Find Cat

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How To Play: Find Cat

Using Mouse

About Find Cat

The lovely cat is in trouble again. As usual he has been playing hide and seek with his friends when he ran into a sneaky old lady who took him to her house and locked him inside. Now the old lady is looking for him, but the only way she knows how to find him is by using his favorite game; Cat. The evil old woman has brought out all of the different kinds of cats that are in the house to help her catch our hero. You as a player have to help our cat figure out where all of his fellow cats are hiding. You do this by finding hidden objects and using your wits to solve puzzles. If you can do that then maybe you can break free from this old lady’s house before she finds you and locks you away for

It's time to find our missing cat! Use your smartphone and help us find the lost pet. We have checked everywhere, but it seems he has vanished into thin air. Follow the instructions on the screen and discover hidden objects to solve challenging puzzles in this Hidden Object game. Don’t forget to share your high scores with friends! Cat is our favorite pet, we love playing with him. Very often he runs away. When we are outside, he can be found anywhere; at home or at a park or anywhere outside where we cannot see him easily. Now it is time for us to get back our cat using clues, hints and finding hidden objects in this Cat Hidden Object Adventure

Do you have an eye for detail? Do you like to find things? If so, this game is perfect for you! In this game you will help our little kitty find his lost ball. We know it sounds simple but trust us, this is going to be a challenging puzzle game for any cat lover out there. You will need to use your eyes, your logic and your logical thinking ability to locate the lost ball. Keep searching until you find that perfect spot! Good luck and have