100 Doors

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How To Play: 100 Doors

Using Mouse

About 100 Doors

Escape from the haunted mansion and get out of there! It is not easy to escape from such a place. There are so many doors, game points and other obstacles in your way. But you need to escape as soon as possible because you know that someone is trapped inside the house. Theres only one way to get out of here and that is by finding all the hidden objects around the house. You must have sharp eyes and logic to solve puzzles and clues given by different objects within time limit. Use mouse to play this

Your task is to find keys, operate the lock and get out of the house. For that, you'll need to use logic. Every room has its own key, so be ready to explore every corner of each level. You're trapped in a big house with dozens of rooms and dozens of doors. You have to find keys, operate locks and get out as fast as possible. You can explore the different rooms using your cell phone's camera or the map on your cell phone if you don't have one. But before moving forward into the next room, think

Become a detective and find hidden objects in the Villa Rosa house. This is the first part of a series called Detective Escape 3D. The game will be more challenging as you progress, with new hidden object scenes and puzzles. You must find all of the items to unlock the exit door and escape from this mysterious villa. Good