Assault Bots

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How To Play: Assault Bots

Using Mouse

About Assault Bots

Assault Bots, game, multiplayer, car, webgl, with friends, sniper, 3d, shooting, robot, vehicle If you’re looking for the most intense multiplayer shooter of all time then look no further than This game. This is the shooter that started it all. You can play online or squad up with friends locally against the clock. Once you get into the swing of things then you’ll discover that this isn’t just a typical first person shooter but an extremely smooth and addictive arcade experience with some seriously sick ping-pong based weapons and explosions galore. This one has everything you need to make an instant favorite in this list of the best shooters of all time. Let’s take a look at why we think this is such an awesome game to play

Are you ready for COMPETITION? If you are, then check out the new Gun Bot VR game! Capture the gold and show the world who is the best Gun Bot VR shooter! Gun Bot VR is a fast-paced 3D online shooting game. You control a remote-controlled gun bot that has to shoot its way through various levels and levels of obstacles in order to get to your target. There are many elements at play in this game. It requires strategy, quick reflexes, and preparation. The more gears you have online, the more difficult it becomes to play with friends and like-minded players. Depending on your skill level, customise your bots with different weapons or add more ammunition before each round starts. Are you ready for COMPETITION? If you are, then check out the new Gun Bot VR

Need help? Want to play with friends or have a blast by yourself? You’ll have a lot of fun playing This one – Gun Metal. The game is inspired by modern first-person shooters and offers a unique combination of elements that makes it one of the most original experiences around. Assault Bots is an online multiplayer shooter where you take on the role of a shooting bot called ‘Assault’. Your job is to destroy anything that moves, no matter how human it might be. Get ready to experience an intense, fast-paced world where anything can happen at any given