Air Wars 2

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How To Play: Air Wars 2

Using Mouse

About Air Wars 2

Are you ready to fight in the War against the Air? The second installment of the World War II Flight Simulator that offers players an unprecedentedly realistic view of aerial combat. Take to the skies as a pilot, Gunner, Navigator, or Bombardier and wage war against your enemies by destroying ground targets with rockets and missiles, or divebomb and strafe your troops from above with machine guns and bombs. Engage in dogfight and fighter combat as one pilot attacks from different directions while trying to protect his allies with Fighter Interceptor mode. Advanced strike modeling lets you fly both bombers and fighters, enabling you to choose the most effective way to destroy your enemies. Use theиусловный официальный совместное разработку шутера World War II Air Wars 2 помогли разработчики из-за своевольного навыка, процесса выпуска следующего шутера

Control the warplanes of World War II with this deadly combination of Air Wars and Multiplayer. You are one of the greatest pilots of all time, fighting against players from around the world in a pure war of air. Use your jet to destroy your opponents planes and bring down their wings before they have a chance to fight back. Stay calm, focus on attacking the enemy’s plane instead of getting caught up in battle. The more planes you destroy, the higher score you get so fly wisely and be sure not to get destroyed by your enemies! Use Mouse to play. Upgrade New Planes, Absorb Powerups, Search for Secret Weapons And Discover More

The second installment in the award winning air war series. In this game you will meet with your friends online and fight against other players. There are different multiplayer modes such as team deathmatch, domination and war. In each battle you can upgrade your plane by buying new parts. And of course there are many airstrikes to destroy! This time we have added a lot of new content: - New airplanes - More than 100 airstrikes - 3D maps and naval battles The game is updated more frequently than before, so if you like flight games then you will definitely love this